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Visitor's Guide to Philly During the 2016 DNC

Visitor's Guide to Philly During the 2016 DNC


8 Songs To Listen To On a Fall Drive

8 Songs To Listen To On a Fall Drive


What Does a Nutritionist Eat?

The Jenny Craig nutritionists help plan what you eat, but what do they eat? If you’re looking for ideas for Meals On Your Own (MOYO), or just curious what a nutritionist fills her plate with, read on:


25 Summer Slimdown Secrets from Jenny Craig

You can lose weight and still enjoy your summer! We asked 11 Jenny Craig Consultants to share their secrets for summer weight loss success. Here’s how to eat well, move more and enjoy life this summer!


Motivating Songs for Four Types of Workouts

You're about a month in to your New Year's resolutions and, let's face it: motivation is waning. Late winter is a dreadful time of year to trudge to the gym and most of us need a little extra kick-in-the-pants to get there.


5 Healthier Snacks for Busy Days

May is a busy, busy month! With graduation season and Memorial Day weekend, you might find yourself out and about quite frequently this month. Remember to eat healthy with these five grab-and-go snacks for those busy days and long weekends.

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10 Active Date Ideas

When you’re on a journey to better health, you might have to re-think your idea of a typical date. Dinner and drinks can be a treat every once in a while, but why not switch things up and get active with your partner?

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Meet These Five Incredible Young Athletes

These five athletes have demonstrated sportsmanship, courage, determination and selflessness in sports and in life.


Meet Our Simple Inspirations Recipe Contest Employee Winners

Meet Our Simple Inspirations Recipe Contest Employe...

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Class of 2014 graduation gift kit

In a couple of weeks we get to celebrate my niece Colleen's high school graduation! I've been trying to think of a fun gift for her for a while and I finally decided on a little dorm room survival kit.


30 Reasons to do a 30 Minute Workout Today

Sometimes we all need a little extra motivation to make it to our workouts. Whether you’re having an off day, or just not feeling as energetic about your workouts as you used to, think of the reason why you started an exercise routine in the first place. Going back to your original moment of truth can help push you forward to reach your strength goals.

Staying on track at summer bbqs medium article

Staying on Track at Summer BBQs

ust because you're watching what you eat doesn't mean you have to stay away from summer BBQs with friends and family! You do have to stay away from diet pitfalls though. Use these tips to stay on track while still enjoying summer BBQs.

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Tips for a healthier road trip

Spring break is around the corner, and for many people that means a road trip is in order. Whether you're headed on a family getaway to the beach or an adults-only scenic drive, road trips can be a great way to bond with your friends or family. Just because you're in the car doesn't mean you have to throw all your healthy habits out the (car) window.

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Hot Halloween Costumes for 2013

For many people, the costume is the best part of the Halloween holiday. While your kids might change their mind weekly, chances are they already have their eye on some of the most famous characters of 2013.

5 ways to sneak in exercise this summer medium article

5 Ways to Sneak in Exercise this Summer

Summer is the perfect time to check in with your healthy lifestyle goals. You might be spending less time in a gym but that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on exercise. Be creative and exercise outside!